Past Kittens

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This is Glory's pretty Girl, still here. 

"All That Jazz" is a very laid back Lover Boy. He loves to be in your Lap, loves Petting and loves to be brushed. He is good with other Cats and most likely will get along with dogs.

UPDATE: He now lives with Matt and Juliet and his little Dog friend. His new name is Mowgli.


CONGRATULATIONS ROMEO!!!!!! And to both Gianni and Cynthia. Thank you Cynthia and Sophia for a great job showing him!  

Romeo became a Regional Winner and a Triple Grand Champion!!!!!

He also is the 20th Best Short Hair Cat!!!!!

RW TGC Tailspin Romeo of Giannisbengal

Both of these cuties went home with Nina


Brown Boy SOLD

Tailspin Frenzy

Frenzy & Java

Here is Frenzy with his buddy Java. Since he is only 8 months old here, Java is hoping he doesn't get MUCH bigger! 

Tailspin Georgie

Georgie & Mom

Here is Tailspin Georgie, owned by Nancy and Al. On the left he is being judged by Laurie Patton. On the right he took 1st Place! His Mom looks so proud!

Picture below is Georgie at 71/2 Months.


Tailspin Kimber

Here is Kimber, being judged by Connie Webb at her first show. She is owned by Vince and Justine.

RW Qudruple Grand Champion Tailspin Nicholas of Anjou

RW QGC Tailspin Nicholas of Anjou

RW QGC Tailspin Nicholas of Anjou

Future Stud and Show Boy! Not only is he a Quadruple Grand Champion, he became a Regional Winner also!

CH Tailspin Nicholas of Anjou

UPDATE.......Nicholas became a Champion at his very first Adult show in TICA!!!!! 12/7/13
Congratulations to Nicholas and Vicki! Way to go handsome boy!!!!
Above photo with Laurie Patton who awarded him Best Cat at the Christmas City Cat Show.

DOB: 3/14/13

Sire: Tailspin Biggie Small

Dam RW SGC Tailspin Glory

CH TailSpin Fancy Dancer

Tailspin Fancy Dancer of Anjou is now retired. She Championed at her very first Adult Show in TICA and also became a Champion in her very first Adult Show in AACE. Way to go Fancy Dancer!!!!!!  Wish she could have continued.

She is Nicholas' Aunt, his Dad is Fancy's younger Brother.


All in their new home for Christmas



Cooper lives with Bob and Karen in N. J. where he is being VERY VERY spoiled, I am happy to add! 
Brother and Sister went to Mexico to live with Chris and his family.


Here is Rosa, she lives with Sonny and Brandi and her new best friend Ambra!

Tailspin Tippy

Tippy has been returned after 3 years because with 4 cats and 1 litter box she was peeing outside of the box : (
Since she has been returned I have not had a problem with that. She is a good girl and soft spoken. I'm glad she is back and happy once again : )


Jumunji is living the Goode life with Mike and his family. (goode is not spelled wrong LOL) 


Misha sleeping with her new best friend Sabrina. Living with Stephanie and her family.

Baby Leo


This is Leo, he went home with Sarah and her family to live "Happily Ever After!"

Max & Ruby

Max and Ruby went home to become Very spoiled pets by Linda and her family!
Tyler loves his new Cat Wheel and says "Thank you SOOOOOO much , for sending me such a GREAT Gift!" Purrs, Ty



This is Leopold, better known as Leo. He is living the good life in NYC with his loving Mom and Dad, Alice and Randy
Then again at 3 years old! Big boy!



This is Rocky. He lives with his new Mom, Sue and her family and his new best friend Triscuit!


This is Firestorm, he lives with Dainne of Tapistree Bengals in R. I.. He became a Grand Champion at his very first adult cat show!! Congratualtions Fire and Dianne!! Keep wowing those Judges Fire!!!!!


This is Kenya.  She lives with Karen. She did very well at her first Show at Christmas City in Palmer PA. She took home four finials! Way to go Kenya!!! Now retired from showing.


Here is Simba in the tub with his two sisters, Tinkerbell and Bella. They are waiting for the water! And then after the water! He is being happily spoiled by Bianca and being kept squeeky clean too! LOL

Figaro with her baby Sister CG


This is Bambi living the good life with Dorothy and her family.