Pleased to Anounce Our Studs

Anjou Printz Charming

Meet Anjou Printz Charming

He is our newest stud here at Tailspin! Thank you Vicki for letting me have this Gorgeous Boy! He will be a wonderful addition to my Cattery. Can't wait to see the kittens he will produce with my Girls! What a BIG Boy he is going to be!


Born: August 4, 2016

Sire: CH Acute Flash Point of Anjou

Dam: CH Rumblepaws Milady Aurelia of Anjou


Champion Tailspin Sinbad

Introducing, Champion Tailspin Sinbad (Sinny)

This is my stud boy, Sinbad. He is a Silver Spotted Bengal. He will be replacing his Father, Biggie one day. Hoping he is following in his Father's footsteps and is giving me some cutting edge kittens. He is a very sweet boy who falls over on his back for belly rubs.

He made Champion in his very first Adult Show in AACE.

Born: February 25, 2014

Sire: Tailspin Biggie Small

Dam: Auroralights Silver Dawn of Tailspin 



This handsome guy is Biggie. He is the sweetest most outgoing cat I have. He loves going for car rides. He was going to be my new show boy but my girl Jolie had other ideas! She decided to alter his ear with a claw! He has the slightest tare now. I took him to a show anyway just to see for myself what would happen. No wins for Biggie. A few Judges I asked after the show told me they really liked my boy but the ear was his down fall. They said that he would make some great babies though.

Well Biggie likes the tare in his ear, he thinks it makes him look tought! Just don't tell anyone a girl did it! LOL 


Born: October 4, 2011

Sire: The Realms Augustus of Tailspin

Dam: SpotacluarBG Gilded Lily

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=


This is Calcatta Tyler of TailSpin.(Ty) 

He is a purr machine and loves to be near me. He is also a little character and keeps me in stitches with his antics. A very smart boy, you can see his wheels turning!  He is giving us the BEST kittens ever. His off spring are doing very well at the Cat Shows! 

HCM Screened normal on 3/14/10

Born: Febuary 18, 2009

Sire: Amantra Typhoon

Dam: Calcatta Kilawea
Here is Tyler at his very first Cat Show in AACE!! He took home 5 Kitten Finals!! One being Best Kitten!
Tyler at a TICA Show early October. He took home 4 Kitten Finals! We are so proud of him! 

New Champion

Here is Tyler at the Westchester Show in November.  His first Adult show in TICA. He took home 2 Finals and enough points to earn his Championship title!!!! Hooray Ty, way to go!

New Double Champion

We are pleased to announce that Tyler made Double Champion at his very first Adult show in  AACE on Halloween!!
He also took home a Best Cat final and four other finals.   Being judged above by Vicky Merrill.

New Grand Champion

Tyler at the York PA show July, 2010, the one final he needed to make him a Grand Champion! Thank you Theresa Kempton for making this happen! Way to go TY!

New Quad Champion

We are pleased to announce Tyler became a Quadruple Champion in AACE!! Above being judged by Vern Oliver.

Tyler makes his big debute on Animal Planet 

       Tyler was chosen to be on Animal Planets "Cats 101" It aired Sept. 25. He was featured as an example of the Bengal Cat and was on quite a few times. The photo below is of Ty when we went to New York City as he waits for his turn at the photo shoot.

An animal trainer, Dawn Wolf, approched us at a Cat Show and asked if we would like to be on Cats 101. She was looking for a Bengal and liked the way Tyler behaved. A few weeks later we went to NYC and he was filmed for the show. The rest is history!