Pleased to Anounce Our Studs

Anjou Printz Charming

Meet Anjou Printz Charming

He is our newest stud here at Tailspin! Thank you Vicki for letting me have this Gorgeous Boy! He will be a wonderful addition to my Cattery. Can't wait to see the kittens he will produce with my Girls! What a BIG Boy he is going to be!


Born: August 4, 2016

Sire: CH Acute Flash Point of Anjou

Dam: CH Rumblepaws Milady Aurelia of Anjou


Champion Tailspin Sinbad

Introducing, Champion Tailspin Sinbad (Sinny)

This is my stud boy, Sinbad. He is a Silver Spotted Bengal. He will be replacing his Father, Biggie one day. Hoping he is following in his Father's footsteps and is giving me some cutting edge kittens. He is a very sweet boy who falls over on his back for belly rubs.

He made Champion in his very first Adult Show in AACE.

Born: February 25, 2014

Sire: Tailspin Biggie Small

Dam: Auroralights Silver Dawn of Tailspin